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Sons of the Forest delayed until October

Sons of the Forest delayed until October

Sons of the Forest has been delayed to October this year. Developer Endnight Games had originally announced the game was in development in 2019, then two years later revealed a release date of May 2022. However, now it seems to be a bridge too far at this time and we’ll have to wait till October. At least it will be in time for Halloween and not pushed back until next year, like Suicide Squad.



Sons of the Forest, like its predecessor, drops the player in the aforementioned forest. Apart from surviving hunger, thirst, and the elements, players must contend with mutant cannibals that roam the island. It’s not only essential to forage for tools and food, players must gather resources like wood and plants to craft buildings, weapons, traps, and the occasional effigy to warn off the cannibals. You also can get access to guns, a stun baton, and a foldable crossbow as part of your arsenal.

Another new thing to watch out for is your character’s status. Sons of the Forest uses a new A.I. feature called V.A.I.L, which influences character behavior. In short, characters can feel fear, get angry, grow tired, hungry, thirsty, bored, and so on, which can affect their decisions.


Early footage of the game shows much horrifying promise. We’ve seen a multi-limbed female who seems to be harmless, but also a giant mutant with a maw that’s bristling with teeth, a creature composed of two human torsos fused together end-to-end, and an immense mutant that hurls its offspring at you. Who knows what other craziness we’ll see. 

We have to wait till October to get a hold of this terrifying sequel. When it arrives, you can pick up an affordable Sons of the Forest PC key from our comparator. 

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