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Sons of the Forest update adds found footage and improves AI

Sons of the Forest update adds found footage and improves AI

Sons of the Forest made quite an impression on the horror scene when it came out on Early Access a month ago, and it just keeps getting better. The latest patch improves the behavior of AI and adds an Action Cam for viewing tapes you find in the wilderness.

Before anything, check out the multiplayer trailer for Sons of the Forest here:



Deeper into the woods

The first inclusion is the Action Cam item, which you can use to view tapes found footage, as well as the first viewable footage. Expect to find several more tapes with every new patch. 

Next are various improvements to AI. For one thing, your companion Kelvin can now carry two logs on his shoulders. Virginia will now visit more often if you gain a high sentiment score with her. 

The improvements also apply to the cannibals. You will find them engaging in more life-like behavior, sitting and lounging in various spots in their camp, or running off when scared. Cannibals have gained new animation that makes the faster and more evasive during a fight. When they’re not in combat, sometimes they will just look at each other as if silently communicating. Female cannibals can be found drinking blood from village troughs or from dead animals, or cheering for their family members, and even dancing to radio music. 

You’ll also see various additions, like an extra lake, faster birds, and ducks appearing at the golf course. Apart from these, there are several more improvements and bug fixes in the full patch notes here.

Despite still being in Early Access Sons of the Forest has cemented itself as one of the most entertaining horror titles this year. If you haven’t tried this soon-to-be survival horror classic yet, you can get a Sons of the Forest cd key cheap from our comparator.

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