Rumor has it that Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a remake

Rumor has it that Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a remake

The speed at which hardware improves is so amazing that sometimes a few years of difference in the release of two games feels like night and day when it comes to graphics. It's not that Horizon Zero Dawn is an ugly game by any means, but is clear that its sequel is far superior on modern platforms. It's been already five years since we met Aloy for the first time, and it still seems like yesterday for many of us, especially those that had to wait for a long while to see the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. Now, it seems that the game would be following the same path as a long list of titles that have been remade for the newer platforms.



Several reports point out that Guerrilla Games is working on a new version of Horizon Zero Dawn for PlayStation 5. It's not clear if it would be a remaster or a completely new remake made from scratch having Aloy's original adventure as a base. In any case, it's quite sure that the fans of the series would receive it with great joy as the game is quite popular. Horizon Forbidden West capitalizes on that popularity to deliver a new and exciting experience that opens up new ways of adventuring and a thrilling storyline, and it would be great to pair it with a modern version of Horizon Zero Dawn. The same treatment has been applied to many franchises in the last few years with great success. Take a look at the Resident Evil series, which will soon have another remake with Resident Evil 4.

Sony has not confirmed officially if a new Horizon Zero Dawn is in the works or not, and we will have to wait until it does to be sure. Until then, you can still enjoy the original version of Horizon Zero Dawn or just immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of its sequel by purchasing Horizon Forbidden West cheap with our comparator.

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