Horizon Zero Dawn is free on PlayStation

Horizon Zero Dawn is free on PlayStation

We have talked about Sony's change of policies when it comes to PlayStation exclusive games in the past. It seems that the company is now more open to releasing those games on PC and Horizon Zero Dawn is among the first ones that have been made available on another platform different than Sony's consoles. This action role-playing game that follows the story of a brave huntress in a post-apocalyptic land dominated by robots has been the reason for many players to buy a PlayStation 4 in the past. With its epic storyline, Horizon Zero Dawn offers you an incredible world to explore as you investigate the cause for the "Derangement", a mysterious phenomenon that makes the robots aggressive towards humans. 



Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most popular games on PlayStation 4 and its success will lead to the future release of a sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, which is already in the works and will be available at some point this year. The new game will continue the story of Aloy, who will have to find a cure for a deadly plague that has started to spread through the territory where her tribe is settled.

But if you are one of those that do not have a clue about all this, we can offer you a good solution. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is currently available for free on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as part of Sony's Play at Home initiative. You can just visit the PlayStation Store and download the game for free and keep it. It will be available until May 23 so you have more than enough time to think about it. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition includes the base game along with its expansion The Frozen Wilds and several outfits and weapons for Aloy.



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