Guerrilla Games is working on an unannounced game

Guerrilla Games is working on an unannounced game

After making a name for itself in the video game world with the Killzone series, Guerrilla Games, which has since been acquired by Sony Interactive, is now known to everyone mainly thanks to Horizon: Zero Dawn. The Playstation exclusive adventure was also released on PC last year, and its sequel, Horizon: Forbidden West is currently in development. News of the game first broke in June 2020, and we've been able to learn more about it recently during the various events that made up the E3 2021 online edition. While gamers are eagerly awaiting the release of Horizon: Forbidden West, which is scheduled for later this year, it seems that Guerrilla Games hasn't told us everything.

Indeed, Guerrilla Games is apparently working on another game that is still unknown to the public, and has been kept as a secret for three years. This info was spotted on Linkedin, more precisely on Simon Larouche's profile. It shows that he has been working since February 2018 on an unannounced game as Game Director. Although nothing else is specified, we notice that the man has quite a CV. He worked as Online Gameplay Director on the multiplayer of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, which was canceled, but also on Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six Siege, Watch_Dogs 2, and Killzone



It's hard to say with so little information, but it seems that Simon Larouche has a lot of experience in multiplayer, which could indicate a start for this unannounced game. Despite the three years of development, it's unlikely that we'll get any more information in the near future, with Guerrilla Games currently focused on Horizon: Forbidden West for the time being, but we're curious to see what all this is all about.

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