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Sony unveils Horizon Forbidden West gameplay

Sony unveils Horizon Forbidden West gameplay

We told you about it a few days ago, Sony had announced a livestream to present the gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West. We were promised a State of Play that would show no less than 14 minutes of gameplay from the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel.

Sony delivered what was promised and we were able to get a first look at the gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West on Playstation 5 yesterday. Although the game will also be available on Playstation 4, the rendering is really spectacular on the next-generation console. The gameplay presentation was preceded by a sort of pre-show in which some of the game's landscapes in the game were shown in what looked like a photo mode. This is the first thing that stands out from this reveal, the quality of the in-game graphics, and the richness of the details of the environment. Horizon Forbidden West will also allow us to explore the sea bed, and discover the wonders and the dangers it contains.

Gameplay also means combat, and we got a good glimpse of it. Aloy will be much more mobile than in the first installment and she will have new tactical options. We can see some of them in the video, including sticky grenades to hinder the movement of her enemies, a grappling hook to reach faraway places and take cover in an instant, and some type of paravane. Many of the features in its predecessor are back, such as stealth or shooting a bow.


We also had the opportunity to discover new robotic creatures and animals, notably the underwater species that Aloy will be able to interact with thanks to a sort of underwater breathing device, which allows her to remain immersed at will. 

Even if this State of Play has answered a great number of questions about Horizon Forbidden West, there is still one we don't have an answer to. There is no confirmed release date for the game yet, although the launch is scheduled for the second half of this year.

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