Horizon: Forbidden West is coming in 2021

Horizon: Forbidden West is coming in 2021

After announcing the sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn during the presentation event for the Playstation 5, Guerrilla Games have taken a few minutes to let us know a bit more about Horizon: Forbidden West. They have done it in a new video in which the Game Director Mathjis De Jonge reveals a few facts about the game that many of you may find surprising. Initially, most players thought that Horizon: Forbidden West was going to be available when PlayStation 5 was launched, but it seems that the development process still needs a bit longer. Horizon: Forbidden West announcement looked impressive, but De Jonge tells us that the game won't launch until 2021 on PlayStation 5, and that means that by that time many players will already have had the chance of playing other games in the new platform.


It is not that the success of Horizon: Forbidden West will have a severe impact because of that, but it's undeniable that its release won't benefit from the novelty of Sony's next-gen console since it should be available this year. If you consider the huge popularity of Horizon: Zero Dawn and after watching its announcement, we can say that it's almost guaranteed that Horizon: Forbidden West will be a big hit.

The other interesting thing revealed in the video is that Horizon: Forbidden West will take full advantage of the capabilities of the new console to deliver a better experience to the players. According to De Jonge, the SSD integrated into the PlayStation 5 will reduce the loading times in the game, making them "virtually" non-existent.



During the following months, Guerrilla Games will reveal more information about Horizon: Forbidden West and we expect to know more about its gameplay and features.

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