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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion brings a classic adventure back to life

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion brings a classic adventure back to life

Many years after its release, Final Fantasy VII is still considered the best game in the series by most fans. Therefore, anything related to it raises quite a bit of interest in a huge community of players. The recent release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergarde has brought Cloud's adventure back to the frontline once more, and Square Enix is taking advantage of the popularity of the series and trying to capitalize on it by also releasing new versions of other Final Fantasy games ahead of the launch of the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is one of those new versions of a classic. In this case, it's the role-playing game released on PSP quite a few years ago, which follows the adventures of a SOLDIER member that wants to become a hero, Zack Flair. The game is a prequel to the original Final Fantasy VII that focuses on the events before Cloud's story, and it reveals quite a bit of information about the origins of Sephiroth. 

Square Enix has delivered exactly what was promised to the masses when Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion: a new version with modern graphics that keeps the spirit of the classic game. In fact, it's so true to the classic in terms of gameplay that it may feel awkward for some younger players that never got to play the original. Seasoned players will find exactly what they want in  Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, which is an exciting way of rediscovering the classic storyline.



In any case, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a very good way of immersing into the world of Final Fantasy and discovering the events previous to Cloud's arrival into the series. You can visit our comparator to check out the best price to buy a Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion PC key if you don't want to miss this epic adventure.

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