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Final Fantasy VII Remake set the bar for Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Final Fantasy VII Remake set the bar for Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

The SOLDIERs' reunion is approaching. Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion will give many players a chance to play one of the main games of the series that, until then, was exclusive to the PSP. According to Square Enix, the decision to remaster the game rather than re-offer the original version resulted from the high expectations created by Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, producer Yoshinori Kitase stated that Square Enix considered other ways to offer the game, such as streaming systems. "If a game's original hardware is no longer manufactured, it can be difficult to play the title. Crisis Core is an example of that," he explained.

"Of course, it would be possible to use cloud technology to play the game at its original specs, but the truth is that after Final Fantasy VII Remake fans have higher expectations towards the graphics," Kitase continued. According to him, it was with this in mind that Square Enix decided that the best thing to do was to remaster the RPG.



Also, producer Mariko Sato explained that early in the development process, the team responsible for the project considered using the original graphics. "We originally considered porting the graphics unchanged, but there were a lot of things that we were concerned about when we first brought the original version onto a large screen."

With that, the development team decided to use the work done in Final Fantasy VII Remake to inspire what should be achieved. Although the visuals of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion have reached a different level than the other game, it promises to surprise with a more complete dubbing and the various adjustments made to its gameplay. Just keep your expectations in check, and don't expect a cinematography experience similar to what we will see in Final Fantasy XVI.

Zack Fair will hold the line a bit for the fans eager to play Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second entry in the three-part remake. The game officially hits stores on December 13, and you can check our comparator for the cheapest CD Keys on Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

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