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Play card games with multiple styles of gameplay where you will collect and acquire different cards. These have multiple offensive, passive or defensive effects and you can use them in turn-based battles that usually involve casting spells, summoning creatures and using abilities to attack and defeat your opponents or collect victory points. Combine positive and negative card abilities to cause chain reactions and have a win right in your pocket. Modify your tactics and deck composition, and even play the story campaign in some titles, or climb the leaderboard of top players. Choose your favorite game from a variety of titles like Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone and Faeria, build a deck in games such as ThroneBreaker: The Witcher Tales, from the Witcher universe, with a gameplay similar to the well-known Gwent, or Banners of Ruin, starring anthropomorphic animals as a member of the noble House of Blackfoot in a medieval town.

Reward Event Travel to the world of Valisthea and do whatever it takes to save your homeland in Final Fantasy XVI - 72
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