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    Enter the spirit world of Oaken, a tactical roguelike deck builder game where victory relies on positioning and how you use your cards. Set among the branches of the Great Oak, you and your fellow nature spirits are beholden to the Great Oak Song. But one day, that voice disappears. As the world falls to chaos, you take on the task of restoring the balance.

    Choose a character to play, then choose a guardian who will be your companion. You must advance through a small map with hexagonal tiles while fighting evil spirits. Cast spells, summon allied creatures, and move them around the map to defend your character and achieve goals. Advance across the world map until you confront the boss of the level, where your tactical skill will be put to the ultimate test. Fail, and you start over.

    With time, you get trinket rewards that provide passive abilities. You can also upgrade cards using Lumi Dust, or you can turn the cards you no longer need into Dust to purchase other cards. You unlock more characters and companions with each playthrough, letting you choose between playstyles.

    The spirit world needs a hero to restore the world. Will you be the spirit who will meet this challenge? Determine the fate of your world in Oaken.

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