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    Purify the corruption of an evil deity with the power of decks and dice! Astrea: Six-Sided Oracle is a deck-building roguelike RPG where you make your way through the ruins of an ancient civilization on a mission of divine mercy. The Crimson Dawn Cataclysm has descended from the sky, destroying your civilization and corrupting your people. As an Oracle, it falls to you to redeem them and save what's left of the world. 

    Choose one of six Oracles to play, each with unique skill sets and powers. Use a deck of varying types of dice to purify hordes of enemies and complete your quest. You may choose to build a deck from different kinds of dice. Some are safe and reliable but deal less damage. Some are very risky but have powerful effects. Or you can choose a balanced approach. 

    Make your way through the map and encounter various enemies and bosses. Choose your strategy—will you purify your enemies to stop them without killing, or will you corrupt yourself to unleash new powers? Select Star Blessings to support your tactics with passive abilities. You can also summon Sentinels that will make their own dice rolls to help you in combat. 

    Your journey as an Oracle begins now. Enter the magical world of Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles.

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