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Guild Wars 2 is a no monthly-subscription MMORPG. 

Tyria is waiting for you! Guild Wars 2 is the most anticipated MMORPG of the year; you will definitely enjoy roaming in the entire world of Tyria.

8 professions available:

 The Necromancer is the master of the dark arts; he summons minions to fight for him, drains his enemies’ life and gets fed with life force. The life force allows him to enter Death Shroud, a powerful spectral form.

 The Elementalist is a really strong and versatile mage that uses all four elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth), one at a time, and switches between them to adapt to any situation he encounters.

 The Mesmer is a deceiving master. He fools his enemies with his illusions and clones, which, when shattered by the user, cause secondary effects such as dazes and confusions.

 The Engineer is a technological mastermind. He uses turrets, bombs, grenades and elixirs to get rid of his enemies.

 The Ranger owns several trusted pets which fight for him. He uses his pets, traps, and all his skills to hunt and track down his enemies.

  The Thief is the stealth guy, looking for enemies’ backs to backstab them, before he slips away into the shadows, leaving his traps behind.

 The Warrior is the martial art's master. Battles feed him with adrenaline which allows the Warrior to unleash powerful bursts of damage.

  The Guardian is the defensive master. He uses his shield and his protective magic to support and help his allies.

Starting from the release, 5 races will be available.

 The Norns, people of valorous warriors and heroes, lived in the Shiverpeaks until Jormag, the elder ice dragon; cast them out of their North. They now live in the dwarves' lands, which disappeared a long time ago. Even though the Norns are not known for being sedentary, they have a focal point called Hoelbrak.


 Humans must fight daily for their survival. Once prosperous and flourishing, the human race lost in a few centuries all of its territories and must now struggle for its species’ salvation. 

From the Divinity’s Reach, most important human city, they’re trying to push away the centaurs’ assaults, who, now dominated by the Modniir cast, climb down from the mountains everyday to pillage and conquer a little more of the territories.

 The Sylvaris are the youngest people of Tyria; they appeared only twenty-five years ago, they are the children of the mighty Pale Tree on the Tarnished Coast. They’re still looking for the sense of their life, but already fight tirelessly Zhaitan’s minions. The Grove is the place where Sylvaris live, and was created by Ronan, a human soldier, for those seeking peace and protection.

 The Charrs are probably the most martial people of all Tyria. They express themselves with other races mostly through arms, battle after battle in order to claim their lands. Once living on the East of Shiverpeaks, they were chased and overran the human territory of Rîn where now stands their capital, the Black Citadel. Nowadays, they must struggle on several fronts to conserve this territory, whether the enemy is undead or Charr, because the Flame Legion keeps conspiring against its one-time brothers. 

 The Asuras once lived under Tyria, they possessed a vast underground kingdom and lived a golden age until the day they were chased by the Great Destroyer, Herald of the Elder Dragon Primordus. Once at the surface, they started anew and rebuilt their civilization on the magic ruins of the Tarnished Coast. Thanks to their advanced technology, they got their past magnificence back and are now worshiped by the other people of the coast. The main city of the Asuras is called Rata Sum and demonstrates all their technological knowledge.

The WvW of Guild Wars 2 offers an innovative divisions system. Three servers compete following a rotation. During the first periods of the rotation where the system takes place, here’s how it’ll work: the first server encounters the other victorious servers, the second one encounters its pairs from the other pools and finally the last of the three servers will encounter the two other servers which ended at the last place. Then the servers are ranked according to the number of their victories and defeats, one against each others at each rotation. This principle will lead to encounters between servers as balanced as possible, so that everybody has fun playing.

The WvW maps are huge and propose a great amount of fortifications to take and keep, as well as different resource points to capture and foes to fight. The siege weapons are really important in the game due to their fire power. If placed strategically and taken care of, they can literally change a siege’s course.

In Guild Wars 2, there is also a Battlegrounds PvP system. The important point is to know that one of ArenaNet’s main goals is to develop competition with this form of PvP. Recently, the ESL even announced a Guild Wars 2 league on its website.

Obviously, there will be PvE as well; each race will have numerous epic story quests, dungeons and World Bosses for Tyria’s toughest heroes!

The game will be easily updated thanks to the launcher. For those minding with their good-looks, there is an in-game shop so you can buy new skins like caps or aviator glasses, pets, and much more.

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Comments on Guild Wars 2

Sep 4, 2012, 10:10 AMon
Tout simplement le pourquoi de la rupture de stock dans tout les magasins ^^ il leur suffit de créer la demande sans donner l'offre, et les prix peuvent flamber tranquillement pendant que tout le monde se fait entuber
Simply the reason for the out of stock in all stores ^^ they just need to create the demand without giving the offer, and the prices can quietly soar while everyone is screwed
Aug 24, 2012, 11:48 PMon
Je viens de l'acheté sur World Of Cd Keys et le service à était réactif et niquel :)
I just bought it on World Of Cd Keys and the service was very good :)
Jul 17, 2012, 2:50 PMon
Finalement je l'ai pri en standart sur amazon a moins de 44 euros ces sites n'ont aucun interet a part prendre des riques finalement
Finally I got it in standart on amazon for less than 44 euros these sites have no interest except taking risks finally
Jun 18, 2012, 2:03 PMon
bonne journée Je pense que MMOGA encore mieux adapté aux touches en elle pour les jeux en ligne Les prix sont super et le support est assez bonne
good day I think MMOGA is even better suited for online games with keys in it The prices are great and the support is pretty good
Apr 27, 2012, 11:26 AMon
Pre-Commande de Guild Wars 2 effectuée sur GamesPlanet. Livraison Rapide / Fiable, je recommande les yeux fermés !!!
Pre-order of Guild Wars 2 made on GamesPlanet. Fast / Reliable delivery, I recommend with my eyes closed!!!
Apr 1, 2012, 10:15 AMon
Bonjour, j'aurais la même question que le post de JEAN, si nous achetons sur un de ces sites aurons nous accès aux week-end beta, les 3 jours anticipés et l'anneau ? Merci d'avance de votre réponse, Wystik.
Hello, I would have the same question as JEAN's post, if we buy on one of these sites will we have access to the beta weekends, the 3 days early and the ring? Thanks in advance for your answer, Wystik.
Sandy Mike
Sandy Mike
Aug 2, 2012, 8:48 AM
Perfect game . 3 days headstart is incredible great
Nov 6, 2012, 6:50 AMon
Acheté chez, recevoir CDKEY en 10 minutes, très rapide
Bought at, receive CDKEY in 10 minutes, very fast
Oct 16, 2012, 4:12 PMon
Clé achetée pour Guild wars 2 à 17h10 recue 30-40 minutes après Clé valide Payé avec PaysafeCard Parfait .
Purchased key for Guild wars 2 at 5:10pm collected 30-40 minutes later Valid key Paid with PaysafeCard Perfect.
Sep 5, 2012, 9:31 PMon
Hello again, fin de l'histoire pour ne pas trop enfoncer MMOGA: après bcp de mails & tentatives de livesupport, j'ai eu une réponse et après plusieurs échanges ils m'ont finalement remboursé intégralement. Donc pas satisfait de leur méthode (et je ne passerais plus par eux...) mais plus rien d'autre à en dire personnellement. Bon courage & bon jeu! CB
Hello again, end of the story to not push MMOGA too hard: after many mails & livesupport attempts, I got an answer and after several exchanges they finally refunded me completely. So I'm not satisfied with their method (and I won't go through them anymore...) but nothing else to say about it personally. Good luck & good game! CB
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