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ArenaNet reveals three other End of Dragons elite specializations

ArenaNet reveals three other End of Dragons elite specializations

All Guild Wars 2 players had the opportunity of trying some of the new elite specializations that the End of Dragons expansion will bring to the game. We talked about all of them in a previous article about the first open-beta stage, and we were expecting to know more because the first event only included three of the nine new options that players will have for their professions in the popular MMORPG next year. Virtuoso, Harbinger, and Willbender have access to new weapons and skills and open Mesmers, Necromancers, and Guardians to new gameplay styles.

ArenaNet has finally revealed the second batch of elite specializations for End of Dragons. You can watch Catalyst, Bladewsorn, and Vindicator in action below.


The Catalyst is a new elite specialization for Elementalists. It gives them access to the hammer, allowing them to pummel down their foes and deploy elemental fields that they can exploit for additional effects in melee combat.




Warriors take on a new offensive role becoming Bladesworn. Using a new weapon that is a deadly combination of firearm and longsword, they can unleash a rain of physical and magic strikes upon their opponents. The Bladesworn also have access to a pistol as an offhand weapon.




Vindicators are revenants who have specialized in the use of a greatsword as their primary weapon. They are highly mobile elite fighters able to obliterate their foes with massive strikes.



If this second End of Dragons reveal follows the same path as the first one, we should have access very soon to a video showing the three elite specializations in action and details about their skills. Also, A second beta event will allow all Guild Wars 2 players to try the new elite specializations from September 21 to September 25. The last three should be revealed next month too.

End of Dragons expansion is coming in February 2022. You don't heed to own Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire to enjoy the upcoming content, but they also unlock quite a lot of high-end content and new mechanics to the base game. 

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