Guild Wars 2 details some End of Dragons specializations

Guild Wars 2 details some End of Dragons specializations

The End of Dragons expansion announcement has received a very warm welcome from the Guild Wars 2 players. The third expansion for the popular MMORPG will bring a new continent for the players to explore and new quests, new chapters in the main campaign, and, of course, lots of new enemies to face. Among the new features, there is one that will have a more profound impact on the game than the others, and it's the addition of new elite specializations to Guild Wars 2. 

Elite specializations involve using new weapons types and new mechanics that allow players for a completely different gameplay style once they level up and unlock them. Each of the classes in Guild Wars 2 has access to two of them already, but End of Dragons will add more to further expand the options in the game. Three new elite specializations have been revealed so far, and you can discover many details about them in a developer commented video recently published by ArenaNet.




Harbinger, Virtuoso, and Willbender are the new elite specializations for Necromancer, Mesmer, and Guardian classes. Harbingers are skilled alchemists able to enhance their powers with potions, inflicting blight on themselves to decimate their foes with powerful skills while shooting them down with a pistol. Virtuosos wield a dagger and leave aside the creation of clones to materialize psionic blades able to cut and pierce through any threat. Finally, Guardians that become Willbenders take on a more offensive role by wielding a sword in their offhand and prove that the best defense is a good attack.

More elite specializations are coming with End of Dragons, and we expect that ArenaNet will reveal them very soon. The new Guild Wars 2 expansion won't arrive until February 22, so there is still more than enough time for you to finish the previous chapters in the campaign if you haven't already. However, it's not necessary at all to enjoy the upcoming content.

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