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    The Gungeon universe reaches its grand finale with Exit the Gungeon. Designed for Gungeon fans, this arcade-style bullet hell platformer is sure to put your skills to one final test before the curtain falls and you finally get out of the Gungeon. 

    Due to a reality-bending paradox, the Gungeon is falling apart! You need to leave it as fast as possible, but your enemies won’t make it easy for you to just walk out. Thankfully, the Sorceress has blessed your gun with new powers. As your kill combo rises, your gun will evolve into a more powerful form. The higher your combo, the more powerful your weapon, which will let you take on the literal hordes of Gundead enemies coming your way.

    Battle your way past the angry Gundead bent on sending you to an early grave. Fight raging bosses on rapidly ascending elevators and shifting rooms. Meet some familiar faces from the Gungeon universe on your way up. Are you ready to bid the Gungeon goodbye? Do you have what it takes to leave this bullet hell? Play Exit the Gungeon and find it out.

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