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Destiny 2: The Final Shape reveals the Pale Heart

Destiny 2: The Final Shape reveals the Pale Heart

The story of Destiny 2 has had the Guardians travelling across the galaxy as they fought to stop the Witness from reaching its final destination. With the upcoming release of Destiny 2: The Final Shape, new locations will be the scenario where the last battle will take place. The Traveler has been corrupted by the Witness and now the Guardians have to stop him by any means at hand to prevent him from achieving his goal. However, the new expansion for Destiny 2 will allow players to visit the mysterious spherical entity in a new way as they will be able to explore its insides. Under its apparently barren surface, the Traveler hides a whole world full of life that players will explore for the first time in Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

A first look at the world inside the Traveler

In the latest Destiny 2: The Final Shape video, Bungie offers us a first look at the varied scenarios that players will discover inside the Traveler. The video reveals the Pale Heart, the core of the Traveler, which is a lush place full of life that seems to harbour the remains of ancient civilizations. However, the corruption of the Witness has started spreading like a disease throughout the Traveler, twisting and shaping everything in a process that you need to stop at all costs.



Stunningly beautiful scenarios severely altered by corrupting miasma will be the battlefield where the conclusion to the long-lived conflict between the guardians and the Witness will come to an end. Destiny 2: The Final Shape will enhance the game with a plethora of novelties, including a brand new class that will combine the powers of Light and Darkness, as well as new types of exotic weapons, brand new enemy races, and more.

Bungie is giving its all to offer you the best possible conclusion to the story in Destiny 2, and you will be able to join the final fight against the Witness on June 4. Remember that you can use our comparator to check out the best deals on Destiny 2: The Final Shape CD keys ahead of release.

Apr 25, 2024, 2:36 AM
the funny robot is back but i can tell it's not the OG actor voicing it anymore. too expansive even for Sony
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