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    If exploring an ancient temple filled with deadly traps and guardians is your idea of a good time, then Phantom Abyss is the game you want. As an asynchronous multiplayer game, you and your fellow players are Indiana Jones-style explorers attempting to obtain a precious relic from a procedurally generated temple. However, everything in the temple wants to kill you.

    The place is full of pits, spiked traps, collapsing ceilings, crushing walls, and guardians that will blast you as soon as they spot you. You must anticipate death lurking in every corner. You only get one attempt at finding the sacred relic. If you die or settle for a lesser relic, you won’t return to the same temple ever again.

    There’s one mechanic that can help you. Since the game is asynchronous, You will see phantoms of other players who have either succeeded or failed to evade the traps in the temple. You can use this information to learn how to overcome a particular obstacle, giving you an advantage. 

    By finding keys hidden in chests, you can gain access to the lower levels of the temple, which house more valuable relics. Just remember, the more valuable the relic, the more complex the level. 

    Will you find the Legendary Relic, or will another ghostly player in Phantom Abyss do it? Pick up your whip; it’s time to go treasure hunting!

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