Enter The Gungeon's sequel lands on PC and Switch

Enter The Gungeon's sequel lands on PC and Switch

After half a year of exclusivity on Apple Arcade, Exit the Gungeon finally arrives to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The game is the sequel to the popular roguelike shooter in 2D Enter the Gungeon, which has become a favorite of the fans of the genre since it was released in 2016. The original game is a bullet hell shooter where players have to explore a gun-themed dungeon in order to find a powerful weapon that can change the past. With several characters available, each of them with its own abilities, thousands of enemies to kill and a ludicrous number of weapons to unlock, Enter the Gungeon offers endless replayability as you navigate down the different levels of an underground dungeon. 

Exit the Gungeon takes a completely different approach to the gameplay. Instead o being played in top-down view like its predecessor, the new game is a 2D platformer where you have to climb up the different levels of the dungeon in order to escape from it before it crumbles burying you in the process. Instead of navigating through a map, you will board an elevator that will take you from one room to another. As the lift moves up, a lot of enemies will try to prevent you from escaping the place by shooting you down. You will meet familiar faces and new threats, including deadly bosses. 



The gun acquisition mechanics are also different. You will be blessed with a new weapon every now and then depending on your performance in combat. The more combo hits you land the better the weapon you get, although you don´t have a clue o which one you will be getting each time and you will have to adapt your gameplay accordingly. The dodge roll still allows you to avoid projectiles, but you will be able to avoid them while jumping up and down to the different levels of the elevators.

Every time you play you will face different threats, so the level of replayability ofExit the Gungeon is quite high. You will have to be on your toes all the time if you want to survive this dangerous adventure.

If you decide to play Exit the Gungeon on PC or Nintendo Switch you will be getting it's 2.0 version in which many aspects of the game have been overhauled to make it even more exciting. If you think that Enter the Gungeon was difficult, be ready for a good challenge in its spin-off.


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