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Enter the Gungeon is free for a limited time

Enter the Gungeon is free for a limited time
It seems that Epic Games is going to be true to their announced policy of releasing a free game every week until the end of the year, and the game chosen for this week is no other than the bullet hell roguelike favorite of the masses, Enter the Gungeon. Until now you could grab a free game every two weeks on Epic Games Store, and plenty of players have managed to get their copy of great titles like Subnautica or Super Meat Boy over the latest months. As a way of promoting their Mega Sale, they increased the number of games that they were giving away by increasing the frequency to one per week. The sale has ended already, but they have decided to extend this promotion until the end of 2019.

We can be glad that the game we are getting this week is Enter the Gungeon. This is one of the most popular action titles that have been released lately, a roguelike adventure where you will blast your way through dungeons using all kind of weapons. There are plenty of enemies that will try to stop you and each of them has different behavior and shooting pattern, so you will have to learn what's the best way of getting rid of them as you progress through the different rooms finding treasure, weapons, and ammunition. And you don't have to do all this alone, because Enter the Gungeon features a cooperative mode. If after watching the video you think it´s impossible to survive in such a bullet hell, remember that you can jump to avoid any shots aimed at you. But do not be mistaken, if you are not fast on your feet and try to avoid them you will undoubtedly b taking damage and eventually dying. If you die you will have to start your adventure from scratch but not everything will be lost, because in Enter the Gungeon you will rescue characters as you explore the different dungeon floors, and those will help you unlocking special powers that you can unlock between games so you can use them on your next playthrough.

Remember that Enter the Gungeon will be available for free at Epic Games Store just for a single week. If this is not your type of game you should just wait and see if you like Rebel Galaxy, the title that's coming up next week.
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