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    Graveyard Keeper is a thrilling simulation game set in a fantasy world. Take up the role of the Graveyard Keeper and manage your own graveyard, dealing with all the tasks that come with maintaining a graveyard. Dig graves for recently deceased citizens, embalm corpses and tend to your garden to grow magical ingredients for potions. Make money through unlawful activities such as selling body parts on the black market, harvesting resources from tombstones or crafting items in your workshop.

    Explore a fascinating world full of secrets and mysteries, solve complex puzzles and discover dark secrets hidden deep within the graveyard. Forge relationships with other characters, trade with them, or even go fishing in nearby rivers or lakes. Uncover ancient artifacts that can help you improve your graveyard and unlock special abilities like the power to raise souls from the dead! With its captivating gameplay mechanics, a myriad of tasks and vibrant visuals, Graveyard Keeper promises to be an exciting addition to any gamer's collection. Explore this unique world today!

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