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I Am Future: Cozy Apocalypse Survival

  • PC
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    Welcome to the future, a place where you must survive on top of a high-rise tower on flooded, post-apocalyptic Earth. I Am Future is a survival simulator where you make your home in a brave new world where the tops of skyscrapers are the only islands.

    A cataclysm has caused the sea levels to rise and cover all land masses. Abandoned cities are now overgrown with plants. Birds and other animals roam the once thriving metropolis. And when night comes, dangerous creatures roam in search of prey.

    You wake up alone on one of the skyscrapers. Without another living soul around, you must build your home and somehow survive the coming days. Explore your surroundings and gather scrap material to construct your home. Gather appliances like toasters and TVs, take them apart, and use their parts to make your own gadgets. You can even build and upgrade a cyborg hand if you want. And if you’d rather not do routine tasks, build robots that can do them all for you.

    You also need to sustain yourself, so you will spend time cultivating a garden, fishing in the sea, and checking out recipes for new meals to cook. You’ll also need to think about protection, putting up defensive structures to keep the nocturnal predators from turning you into dinner. And in your spare time, you can wander through the ruins, looking for blueprints and uncovering the mysteries of the apocalypse. The world is yours to do with as you please in I Am Future.

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