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    Black Skylands is an action-adventure game that takes you to the skies of a world full of pirates and monsters. As the captain of a flying vessel, you have a huge world to explore however you please. Whether it is onboard your skyship or on foot, you will have to face countless enemies to unravel the secrets of this land as you fight against the Swarm, a race of terrifying monsters that have invaded your home. 

    The game lets you build your own aerial base and skyship. You can expand your flying base with additional buildings that will allow you to improve your ship, process the resources you gather in your travels, and also create powerful artifacts. You will have to take care of the needs of your crew and keep them well-fed too if you want them to support you in your endeavors.

    With plenty of weapons to use against your enemies, Black Skylands features a good mix of aerial and ground combat in the form of a top-down shooter that requires you to think strategically and act fast if you want to be victorious. As you expand the territory under your influence by winning battles, you will forge alliances with other factions and discover hidden treasures that will help you to turn your land into the peaceful place that it was.


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