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    Biomutant is an open-world adventure in a postapocalyptic world ravaged by a plague that is destroying the Tree of Life. You are a martial artist and warrior embarked on a mission to prove that you are strong enough to either unite the divided tribes that populate this dying world in an attempt to save it or bring them down and condemn them to an uncertain future. As the story progresses, your actions and decisions will dictate the destiny of the New World.

    Biomutant takes a different approach to combat combining martial arts with shooting and mutant capabilities for an evolving and unique combat experience. The exposure to the bio-contamination and radiation will change the way you look and mutate you providing extraordinary powers and body modifications that you will be able to use when fighting enemies. Combining your special capabilities with a variety of martial arts styles and movements that you will learn in your journey through the world of Biomutant provides you with plenty of options in combat. From melee weapons to guns of all types, you can also make use of different weapons that you can craft, customize, and upgrade with different parts. The combination of martial arts, weapons, and mutant powers allows you to create and constantly evolve your own combat style as you progress through the game. This freedom of choice also extends to the gear you equip in your journeys, allowing you to wear protective items like gas masks, thermos-resistant clothes or several types of armor to help you survive while exploring and fighting bio-contaminated creatures.

    If exploring a dangerous world filled with deadly creatures as you evolve yourself and constantly develop your combat style is your idea of fun, Biomutant definitely is your game.

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    Comments on BIOMUTANT

    Jan 23, 2022, 1:13 AMon
    Jeu sympa sans exceller pour autant
    Nice game without excelling
    Jan 13, 2022, 6:34 AMon
    il doit être trop bien jouer comme jeu.
    it must be too good a game.

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