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We may have a release date for Biomutant soon

We may have a release date for Biomutant soon

It's been quite a while since we don't have any news about the development of Biomutant and many people have been wondering what was going on with the cool game that Experiment 101 announced in August 2017. We have seen a few gameplay videos published since then and the game looks really good, but the lack of information about its development process has led many players to think that it may have been canceled. Experiment 101 has used the official account of Biomutant on Twitter which they hadn’t updated since September to address those concerns and revealed that the game has already entered the final stage of development.



Unfortunately, they are not ready to provide a release date for Biomutant yet so all those players eagerly waiting to play the game will have to wait a bit longer to know it. The release of the game was originally scheduled for 2018 and it was postponed until 2019 first and then until 2020. Everything indicates that there will not be more delays so we may finally be able to play it this year.

Biomutant takes place in an open world populated by animals that have been mutated. A poisonous oil has corrupted the land and you will play as a raccoon-like mutant creature able to use different mutations to face all kinds of enemies and perilous environments. Your mission is to cure the Tree of Life's roots in order to restore vitality to the world and save it from destruction. Along with the different mutations and powers that you will be able to use, you can equip different weapons and pieces of equipment that will increase your capability to withstand different environmental hazards. You will be able to craft those pieces of gear using different pieces of junk that you will find as you explore the world.



Biomutant will be available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One and we expect to know it's release date soon.

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