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The release of Biomutant is confirmed for 2021

The release of Biomutant is confirmed for 2021

It's been a long while since we could see the anthropomorphized rodent protagonist of Biomutant in a fight against a giant enemy that tried to blow him up to smithereens with a huge bomb. THQ Nordic has shown a bit of what the game will offer in several gameplay videos but the development of the game seems to be taking much longer than many players expected. There is no release date in sight for the "post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable", but the latest annual report of the publisher has shed some light on Biomutant release date since the game appears among the ones planned for the current financial year, which ends on March 31, 2021.

Even though that doesn't necessarily mean that the game will be available before that date, it would be nice for it to happen. Biomutant marketing campaign has not really started yet and we don't know if three months is going to be enough to give the game enough traction to become a success, especially if we consider that it has been delayed twice already and that there are a lot of games whose launch was postponed in 2020 and that will become available in the coming months.



Fortunately, what has been revealed of Biomutant so far has been enough to catch the eye of quite a lot of players. Its gameplay mechanics, action-packed combat, fearsome bosses, and vast landscapes look definitely good, and many players would love to have the game on their hands as soon as possible. We hope that developer Experiment 101 and Nordic THQ announce the release date of Biomutant as soon as possible, and if it's accompanied by a playable demo that lets us experience the game, much better. If that happens, remember that you can find the best price to purchase Biomutant on our comparator.

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