Learn every detail about Biomutant

Learn every detail about Biomutant

Biomutant was first unveiled in August 2017 and its release is now imminent. The game remained in the shadows for a long time and it was described as a Kung Fu fable taking place in a post-apocalyptic world. More information has been revealed as the release date is getting closer, and the open-world action RPG is less than a week away. It's coming on May 25th for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

We have had the opportunity of watching a few videos, each of them focusing on and presenting a specific aspect of Biomutant, including its world, gameplay, and combat,  but there are still some grey areas. THQ Nordic is finally making everything clear on the eve of the release with a video commented by Biomutant creative director Stefan Ljungqvist, who details the experience that awaits us in the game.

He starts by comparing the game to other titles. In terms of structure, Biomutant would be close to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and would be a mixture of Ratchet and Clank, Devil May Cry, and Batman Arkham. A very solid foundation, indeed! This new video also shows a wider range of landscapes than we've seen before.


But the heart of this video is about some of Biomutant's features, starting with the customization system, which extends to the character, but also to the weapons and equipment. Not only will you be able to create a mutant character as you see fit, but you will also be able to create weapons made up of different parts. The video also talks about the various tribes present in the game, six in total. Three of them will have a "light aura" and the other three a "dark aura", which is another way of defining their alignment towards good and evil. Players will have to choose one of these tribes as an ally at the start of the game, which will have consequences for the course and end of the game, although it will obviously be possible to choose a different one along the way. 

Finally, mutations are mentioned. Your character in Biomutant will have several types of mutations that will act as special abilities and can be used both in combat and to explore the world. We get a brief glimpse of some of these mutations in the video, like the ability to grow mushrooms and jump on them, the power to manipulate electricity, or even levitation. Stefan Ljungqvist uses the X-Men to explain the types of mutations we can expect. 

All of these features will be available in Biomutant on May 25th. As usual, to get it at the best price, you can use our comparator anytime.

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