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    The Battlefront series has been a fan-favorite video game franchise since basically its inception. Allowing players to become a true part of the battles that helped define the Star Wars universe. This game is the sequel to the acclaimed Star Wars Battlefront that defined the reboot of the series in 2015. Whether they sided with the Rebels, the Republic, the Empire, or the Separatists, these games gave you the chance to be part of the history of the universe. Now, with Star Wars Battlefront II from DICE, the experience will take on a whole new form. For now, all three time periods that the Star Wars franchise is a part of will be playable. The prequels, the original trilogy, and the new films are all here, as are the characters and worlds that helped make them the hits they are today. But that's not all, in a fun twist, you'll get to see the rise of the First Order via the fall of the Empire. You'll see the gap of 30 years filled in by a special forces soldier called Iden Versio, who tries to keep the Empire from falling after the Battle of Endor. Witness the missing history of the Star Wars saga in this in-depth singleplayer mode. Don't think though that the multiplayer has been forgotten, far from it. If anything, it's been enhanced. For now, you can battle with up to 40 players as you run, fly, drive, and blast your way through intense battles. You'll get to choose your class of soldier, get to pilot legendary vehicles, and even become some of the greatest Star Wars characters ever. Land, sky, space, and more, these are the battles of Star Wars Battlefront II.

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    Comments on Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)

    Jul 6, 2022, 12:05 AMon dlcompare.fr
    Malgré les débuts catastrophique de Star wars battlefront 2, Je trouve le jeu vraiment bien maintenant. Le gameplay est bon et j'aime le système de points pour obtenir des héros en game.
    Despite the catastrophic start of Star Wars Battlefront 2, I find the game really good now. The gameplay is good and I like the point system to get heroes in game.
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