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Star Wars Battlefront II Will Show The Latest Developments In The Star Wars Saga

Star Wars Battlefront II Will Show The Latest Developments In The Star Wars Saga

A lot of people probably expected to see the continuation of the Star Wars saga in a new movie, but it seems like we're going to see a new character and story in November when Star Wars Battlefront II releases. We usually see how things unfold from the perspective of the Rebellion, but in the upcoming Battlefront game, we will see how the Imperial side deals with the explosion of the second Death Star that occurred in "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi."

We will get to meet new characters like Iden Versio, the leader of the Inferno Squad. Players will be able to battle on the ground and in space in the game's single-player campaign. Various well-known villains and heroes from the franchise will be in the game. Both the new characters and the storyline were created in close partnership with Lucasfilm, so the story from the game will be a part of the franchise.

If you ever thought about what happened to the Empire after the events of Return of the Jedi, you will get to experience it first hand by playing the game's campaign that shows Iden Versio on her quest for revenge against the Rebellion. A distinct new perspective of the battle will be shown over a period of 30 years as the Imperial Forces regroup after the catastrophic events where their Emperor died.

This is great news, and Star Wars Battlefront II is also making some changes to the multiplayer, as the battlefields will now use various places from all three trilogies, so we will get to battle in new areas in Mos Eisley, Starkiller Base, and Yavin 4. Also, unlike in Star Wars Battlefront, space combat will also be featured and players will be able to pilot iconic ships and engage in thrilling dogfights.

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