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Star Wars: Battlefront II rises from its ashes

Star Wars: Battlefront II rises from its ashes

It's no secret that Star Wars has a lot of fans that love every aspect of it. Not only the films are immensely popular, but you can also find comics, books, TV series, and video games that let you delve into the universe created by George Lucas. When it comes to video games, Star Wars Battlefront II is one of the biggest titles in the franchise and it has drawn the attention of many fans since it was released. Its launch came with a lot of controversy about the loot boxes in the game, but developers managed to shape the game experience into one that appealed to a lot of players by adding additional content and new mechanics over the years. 



Even though there are people that love to take part in the massive battles that Star Wars Battlefront II offers, the focus of its fan base shifted to other games like Star Wars: Squadrons and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order when these games were launched. But Battlefront II is currently available for free on Epic Games Store, and that has turned out to be the best reason for even more fans to play it. The success of the giveaway that started last Thursday has been so huge that it's quite likely that you will continue to have problems trying to play multiplayer games in Star Wars Battlefront II even today. In fact, EA servers crashed a few times during the weekend and players have not been able to connect to them to take part in multiplayer battles. 



Of course, EA has been working on fixing those problems and everything seems to be working fine today, but it also could be because the weekend is over. If you decide to claim the game for free on PC via Epic Games Store, keep in mind that the single-player campaign of Star Wars Battlefront II is playable in any case. You have until next Thursday to get your free copy of Star Wars Battlefront II on Epic Games Store because it will be replaced by Galactic Civilizations III.

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