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    What happens when a video game takes itself very seriously and shows you the dangers and effects adventuring can have on you? Well, you're about to find out, as Darkest Dungeon does just that. Darkest Dungeon is a roguelike RPG that makes you take into consideration the horrors and consequences of adventuring. For in the game, you'll go out and adventure, as well as recruit people to come and adventure with you. But once your quest is over, another battle begins, as you'll have to tend to your crew in order to make sure they don't get stressed, receive the food, water, and medical attention they need, and much more. Naturally, as this is an RPG, you will have the chance to fight deadly monsters and beings that reside all around you, and you'll need to make sure your team is up to snuff to face them. Plus, there's loads of mysteries in the world of Darkest Dungeon. Will you dare to advance further to figure them out? Even if doing so will put your entire team at risk of physical and mental torment? And as if that wasn't enough, there's a narrator in Darkest Dungeon who will be all too happy to sing your praises...and note your failures. There are over 16 hero classes for you to choose from on your adventures. Each of them with their own skills and abilities. Just remember, they're people too, and you need to take care of them. Let them rest when needed, heal in town when you reach it, and inspire them with speeches so that they'll follow you until the end. And with Permadeath a big part of the game, that's a real option.

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    • Technical information

    • Official website : Darkest Dungeon
    • Categories : Role-Playing , Strategy , Rogue-Like
    • Editor : Red Hook Studios
    • Developer : Red Hook Studios
    • Mode(s) : Solo
    • Release date : January 19, 2016
    • System Requirements
      • Minimum
      • OS : Windows 7
      • CPU : Core 2 Duo E8400
      • RAM : 2 GB
      • GPU : GeForce 8200M G
      • Storage : 2 GB
    • Age Rating
    • PEGI 16ESRB T
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