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Darkest Dungeon's PVP mode is available today

Darkest Dungeon's PVP mode is available today

Darkest Dungeon became a true sensation among fans of strategy role-playing games when it was launched. The premise of the game is quite simple, you are the inheritor of a state who is invaded by dark and dangerous creatures of all kinds. You have to hire adventurers that will help you to defeat the monsters and ultimately destroy the source of the corruption that afflicts your lands. On the gameplay side, Darkest Dungeon allows you to recruit adventurers and manage certain types of buildings to heal and prepare them before you send them on exploration missions in order to defeat monsters and find treasures. But the true beauty of Darkest Dungeon is in its high difficulty, which is mainly derived from the complex morale and affliction systems in the game, that will make most of the adventurers you hire either ill or insane. Although you can make use of an endless supply of adventurers, your funds are not unlimited and you will have to manage your expenses if you want to have an opportunity of reclaiming your state.



Darkest Dungeon is mainly a single-player PVE game but developer Red Hook Studios is releasing a free DLC that will allow you to send your adventurers to fight against others of their kind. Darkest Dungeon: The Butcher's Circus is available today at 7 pm CEST on Steam and it will add PvP features to the base game for free. You will be able to send teams of four adventurers to fight against other heroes for glory and rewards. You don´t have to worry about losing your campaign heroes if you decide to take part in Darkest Dungeon: The Butcher's Circus, because the characters will be different. As you progress in this challenging mode you will unlock new trinkets to equip your adventurers and make them more powerful in PvP combat. There will be leaderboards to show your skill as a leader and plenty of rewards to claim.

Along with the release of Darkest Dungeon: The Butcher's Circus, the base game also is playable for free through the weekend. Starting today and until June 1 anyone can download Darkest Dungeon via Steam and give a try to the new PvP system as well as everything included in the base game. Darkest Dungeon's expansions The Crimson Court, The Color of Madness, and the DLC characters are not included in the deal.

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