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Darkest Dungeon will have PvP, for real

Darkest Dungeon will have PvP, for real

April 1st may not be the best day of the year to make an announcement for one of your video games if you are a developer, but it's been the date chosen by Red Hook Studio to reveal that there is PvP coming to Darkest Dungeon. Since it is a single-player game, you can imagine that most people considered the announcement to be a joke, but it turns out that Darkest Dungeon will have a multiplayer mode when the new The Butcher's Circus DLC is released in May. Red Hook Studio had to confirm it on Twitter because most fans of the game couldn't believe it.



The Butcher's Circus DLC will add a PvP mode that will allow you to fight with other players in online matches. It adds a brand new location to the game, where four of your heroes can take part in combats against other players' teams. If you are a seasoned Darkest Dungeon player you are probably wondering if the heroes that have taken you so long to develop are at risk in those battles. Even though heroes are expendable resources in the game, leveling up and gearing them properly to face the horrors that they will encounter takes quite a lot of time and resources. You can rest assured because Red Hook Studio has confirmed you will take part in PvP combat "without risking your campaign heroes." The Butcher's Circus also includes new trinkets designed for PvP combat and new options to customize your heraldry. You will unlock them as progress in the arena. 



One of the most important aspects of Darkest Dungeon is the sanity of the heroes. During the campaign, they are constantly put under pressure and it more often than not it results in mental illnesses that you have to take care of. The developers have not revealed how will that system apply to The Butcher's Circus but we hope that they maintain it one way or another. If not, the new gameplay mode could prove to be too boring. We will have to wait until Red Hook Studio reveals a bit more about The Butcher's Circus to figure it out.

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