What to Expect from Capcom Showcase

What to Expect from Capcom Showcase

On June 12 at 3:00 p.m. PT / 6:00 p.m. ET, Capcom will hold a showcase to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Usually, when the company announces a new presentation, it spells out its entire lineup beforehand, leaving little room for surprises but tempering expectations.

This time, however, the producer & publisher only said that this showcase would feature the latest Capcom updates, including new information about Capcom's upcoming releases and future titles. This secrecy surrounding its lineup has excited many gamers and enthusiasts alike. As the company has already released several flagship titles this year, such as Resident Evil 4 Remake and Street Fighter 6, we suspect this anniversary celebration will further shake up the gaming industry.



So, what else can we expect from Capcom? First, Exoprimal. The upcoming third-person shooter featuring a red-haired woman and dinosaurs that isn't Dino Crisis is set to release on July 14. It's so close that it would be strange if Capcom didn't release a launch trailer detailing even more about the game and convincing those who are still skeptical about the new IP.

Dragon's Dogma II is also a possibility. The game was announced in 2022 and exhibited some gameplay beats recently, but there's still room for more. The first Dragon's Dogma won over a legion of fans with its high fantasy setting and thrilling adventure. Our protagonist, the Arisen, confronted mythical creatures and a gigantic dragon charmingly known as Grigori, accompanied by loyal and methodical pawns. The second game doubles down on what made the first one great, but we look forward to more gameplay and information.

Another game that is radio silent for a while is Pragmata. The latest news the game got was in 2021, announcing a delay to 2023, and so far, nothing. The game description invites the player to travel to a dystopian future and explore a unique lunar world. Capcom describes Pragmata as a sci-fi action-adventure game, and considering the period lacking news, the showcase would be an appropriate stage.



Capcom has been putting out collections from their old games library for quite some time, such as the Capcom Fighting Collection and the latest Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. Considering the success of these compilations, we don't imagine it will stop anytime soon, and there are still plenty of games to be explored, such as its nostalgic RPG and dragon franchise Breath of Fire.

Overall, we imagine the Capcom Showcase will be a blast, and you should tune in to follow the updates on June 12 on YouTube or Twitch. One of the biggest bets is a DLC for RE4 Remake, so in case you haven't secured your copy of Leon Scott Kennedy's remade adventure, check out our comparator for the cheapest key on Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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