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Street Fighter 6 breaks Steam record in a single day

Street Fighter 6 breaks Steam record in a single day

Within the first 24 hours since it launched, Street Fighter 6 has already broken a Steam record. According to a tweet by Benji Sales, Street Fighter 6 has attained the most number of concurrent players for a fighting game, beating out its nearest competitors, Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7, and yes, Street Fighter V. Check out his tweet here:



Of course, Street Fighter 6 has also ranked number 1 on the Steam best sellers list. Capcom’s initial moves to market its latest entry in the fighting series, including having a free trial and launching a $2M prize tournament, have definitely paid off. It seems Mortal Kombat 1 has its work cut out for it when it finally launches later this September. 

Lest we forget, the Capcom Pro tour also released its official dates on June 1, with the first starting in August during EVO 2023. With the championship event possibly coming in February 2024, you can bet that everyone will be training heavily for a chance to get that sweet prize money. 

Fighting for Fashion 

Another contributing reason for the popularity of SF6 is the number of skins and costumes available for each of its characters. Every Street Fighter character begins with a single skin available. To unlock their alt skins, you must first play the World Tour mode and increase your bond with that particular character. Once your bond level hits 100, you unlock their alt skin. 

Of course, if you’d rather pay than wait, you can buy these skins outright from the in-game shop for 50 Fighter coins, which can be purchased with real money from the PlayStation Store.  

Street Fighter 6 is out now, so if you’re looking for good prices for this incredible fighting game, check out our listings for a Street Fighter 6 PS5 key.


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