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Street Fighter 6 will have you at the core

Street Fighter 6 will have you at the core

Although Street Fighter is a cult video game series that have accompanied the fans for a long time, there is still room for innovation in the franchise. Street Fighter 6 will launch this summer and it will bring back all the thrilling action that players could enjoy with its predecessor, but also a plethora of novelties. Among those, the World Tour has caught the eye of the fans. It occupies us today as Capcom has released a new video focused on this new type of experience that is coming with Street Fighter 6.

It's all about you

Street Fighter 6 will feature an impressive roster of fighters for you to choose from. Most of the fan-favorite legendary fighters in the series will return in the new installment but there is also a brand new option. You can create and customize your own avatar to take on a multitude of challenges in the World Tour. It's a single-player experience that narrates your history and evolution as a fighter. 



You can choose your own set of movements to create an original playstyle, unlock skills that can help you in your career as a martial artist, and more. You can even fight against other players using your avatar in exciting battles. You can give this new experience a try since there is a free Street Fighter 6 demo available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 that lets you enjoy the beginning of the World Tour.

The new video sheds some light on the underlying storyline that you will follow in the World Tour, which will totally depend on your decisions and performance. In any case, it's clear that you will meet some of the most iconic fighters in the series, and if you are lucky you may even learn something from them.

Remember that the release of the game is scheduled for June 2, 2023, and you can buy Street Fighter 6 cheap for any platform with our comparator.

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