Capcom reveals all Street Fighter 6 new outfits

Capcom reveals all Street Fighter 6 new outfits

The imminent release of Street Fighter 6 takes the excitement of the fans to unprecedented levels. The new installment in the fighting franchise is quite an anticipated game, especially after the huge success of its predecessor. Street Fighter 5 has kept the community entertained for quite a few years but the new game aims to surpass it with its novelties. The World Tour mode will make Street Fighter 6 significantly different from other games in the genre with the possibility of creating, customizing, and playing with your own avatar but that's not the only thing that the game will offer.

Unique-looking characters

Street Fighter 6 will bring back many of the iconic characters that we have seen in previous games of the series. Fighters like Ryu, Chun Li, Blanka, and many others have been present throughout the whole series and are returning to the fighting arena once more in Street Fighter 6

Players will enjoy playing with their favorite characters in their classic outfits but they can also unlock a variety of alternative looks. Some of them are brand new while some others have appeared in previous Street Fighter games. Each of them will be accessible by playing the game in the World Tour mode but you can also buy them with Fighter Coins, the premium currency in the game. You can check out all Outfit 2 looks for the 18 characters in Street Fighter 6 in the video below.



If you are a fan of Street Fighter games, you only have to wait a few hours longer until you can play Street Fighter 6. The game is to be released tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. As usual, the best deals on Street Fighter 6 codes for all platforms are available at our comparator.

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