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    Celebrate the 35th anniversary of the renowned publisher with Capcom Fighting Collection, a compilation that includes some of the best fighting games of all time. Enjoy the company's classics in a format that faithfully reproduces them to play as you did in the arcades. Of course, the collection includes improvements to deliver the best experience, including button customization, difficulty settings, a training mode, and more. The collection also supports online multiplayer. You can put your skills to the test against your friends and opponents from all over the globe. 

    The Capcom Fighting Collection includes the following titles:

    • Darkstalkers

    • Night Warriors

    • Vampire Savior

    • Vampire Hunter 2

    • Vampire Savior 2

    • Red Earth

    • Cyberbots

    • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

    • Hyper Street Fighter II

    • Super Gem Fighter Minimix


    Whether you love the Darkstalkers series or the Street Fighter series, you can enjoy playing your favorite characters. Enjoy the classics to relive your best moments playing in the arcades or discover the joy of defeating your opponents in the games that paved the way for modern fighting video games.

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