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Isaac Clarke looks like Adam Sandler in Dead Space Remake

Isaac Clarke looks like Adam Sandler in Dead Space Remake

Sometimes, the slightest detail can lead to controversy in the world of video games. In this case, it's all about the upcoming remake of Dead Space whose gameplay has been revealed in a new video. Everything looks as great as it should in this new version of Glenn Schofield's horror third-person shooter, but there is a little detail that has everyone talking about the game, and it does not seem to be intended. We have seen the face of the protagonist, Isaac Clarke, change through the different games in the Dead Space series. 

This specific matter has been commented on by fans in the past. There's not any good reason to significantly change the face of the protagonist of a game over different installments in a certain series. It's even more shocking in this case since the new Dead Space is a remake and not a new episode in the series. Therefore, when Isaac Clarke appears in the video looking remarkably similar to Adam Sandler it rapidly caught the attention of the fans. If you can't believe it you can watch the latest gameplay reveal video courtesy of IGN.



At the end of the day, it does not really matter, because Isaac Clarke wears the iconic helmet that all the fans are familiar with during most of the game. But it's interesting to see how meeting the expectations of the fans is so important for a franchise, especially when we are talking of a game so eagerly awaited as the new Dead Space

The new version of the classic looks incredible on PC and players know what to expect in terms of gameplay. Therefore, Dead Space can be deemed as one of the big launches of 2023. The release of the game is scheduled for January 27 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The best prices to buy your Dead Space code are available on our comparator.

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