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Dead Space remake terrorizes with new 8-minute gameplay preview

Dead Space remake terrorizes with new 8-minute gameplay preview

EA Motive’s Dead Space remake is keeping the hype train going with all-new gameplay footage. Check out the trailer here, and be warned that it’s quite gory. 


As you can see, it’s also bigger, scarier, more seamless, and more detailed than the original. 

Watch this space

As mentioned previously, the first main improvement to Dead Space is the Intensity Director, a dynamic AI that keeps you on your toes. Moving and backtracking through the Ishimura can get quite unnerving and downright dangerous because of the unpredictability of the environment. Lights may go out, smoke may obscure your vision, and of course, the hideous Necromorphs may ambush you at any moment. 

You no longer need the tram to move in between parts of the Ishimura—the entire ship is seamlessly interconnected and you can move freely from one section to the other. Also of note, Isaac no longer needs to rely only on magnetic boots to attach himself to surfaces during zero-G sequences; he now has a booster pack to propel him and hopefully dodge floating Necromorphs. 

We also get plenty of details on protagonist Isaac Clarke’s engineering background. For instance, he can build a plasma cutter from spare parts. You can hunt through the ship for resources to upgrade your weapons. 

A different kind of horror

The remake’s frightening moments are far more visceral now. In the original game, you watched a scene where the dead captain turns into a Necromorph from the safety of a glass barrier. In the remake, you are physically in the room to witness every gory detail and deal with the deadly aftermath.

Dead Space is getting so much traction that no less than famed horror film director John Carpenter, himself an avid gamer, is interested in making a Dead Space movie, saying:

“The only one I can think of [adapting], and I’ve mentioned it before, is Dead Space. That would make a real great movie. I could do that.”

Carpenter is already famous for a body-horror film, The Thing, which coincidentally served as the inspiration for some of the Necromorphs. 

Dead Space is set to launch on January 27. It will be native to Steam, so players don’t need to use origin or EA’s new launcher to play it. Check out cheap prices for Dead Space from our comparator. And if you are up for more of the same, have a look at Callisto Protocol, a game from the maker of Dead Space.


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