Dead Space Remake gameplay story revealed

Dead Space Remake gameplay story revealed

It really feels like Halloween with numerous horror games coming out. Yesterday, EA treated us to the gameplay trailer and details for their Dead Space remake. You can check it out now:


Dead Space was first released in 2008 to great acclaim. Space engineer Isaac Clarke must investigate a mining spaceship Ishimura that has been overrun by horrific creatures called Necromorphs. Dead Space is well-known for its innovative combat mechanic where you must cut off an enemy’s limbs to incapacitate them.

From the gameplay video, the remake will double down on its gore and isolated atmosphere where monsters can lurk in any corner. Developer Motive has indicated that they will remain faithful to the original game, but will have several welcome additions. Necromorph bodies will have detailed layers of flesh and bone, such that each one peels off with every blast from your gun. 

The remake will also feature an Intensity Director, a dynamic system that dictates events such as when Necromorphs appear and how they attack Isaac, as well as what environmental effects occur, like lights, smoke, particles, and more. Isaac will also be more of a character as he is fully voiced by his original voice actor, Gunner Wright. Players will be able to hear him talk, react, and even breathe hard when under pressure. 

The game will also feature an immersive, fully-connected Ishimura, with no loading screens or camera cuts. Players will discover new rooms and paths through the spaceship to explore. It will also have new UI map controls and improvements to the locator.

The Dead Space remake comes back from the dead on January 27 for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Look out for a Dead Space PS5 key cheap from our comparator. For another game like it, check out The Callisto Protocol, from the original creator of Dead Space.

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