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Dead Space has New Game Plus and a secret ending

Dead Space has New Game Plus and a secret ending

EA has just confirmed that their Dead Space remake will in fact have a New Game Plus, just like The Callisto Protocol before it. This mode gives players a reason to replay protagonist Isaac Clarke’s harrowing journey through the Ishimura. The New Game Plus will include access to a level 6 Advanced Suit (otherwise known as a RIG), a new type of enemy, and a secret ending. Check out the Dead Space launch trailer now:



Better RIGs confer damage reduction bonuses, so having a higher-level suit will mean better chances of survival. This is critical on New Game Plus because the replay will introduce the Phantom Variant Necromorph. Details are scarce on this enemy type, so everyone will have to wait for when the game drops to see just what this new menace is capable of. 

Similarly, we don’t know what the new ending will be about and how to unlock it. However, one clue is that it may be linked to the “Reunion” trophy in the Dead Space achievement list. We'll soon know if that is indeed true.

Dead Space may be too scary for you

Fair warning from the development team: the remake has been so effective at scaring players that even the developers have a hard time playing it. In an interview with PLAY magazine, Technical Director David Robillard says he can’t even play it at night with earphones on:

"Just the amount of realism and, again, atmosphere. Not just visually, right? In the way we handle sound, ambience, effects, having systems that will try to spook you. These things, you know, could have been done [on PS4], but not to the level we're doing them today. And they really add a lot to this sort of genre and make the whole kind of experience come together even more."

Think you’ll fare better than the development team? Dead Space launches on January 27 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. You can preload the game right now. Grab a Dead Space PS5 key from our comparator and start your nightmare on the Ishimura tonight.


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