Dead Space remake's first patch fixes VRS

Dead Space remake's first patch fixes VRS

It's no surprise that the release of the new Dead Space has had a very good reception from the fans of the series. The recent launch of The Callisto Protocol did leave many with a bad aftertaste because the spiritual successor of the series was too different from the original due to an approach that leans more towards action than horror. That's why the hype level went through the roof when EA Motive started showing footage of Dead Space.

The Dead Space remake has met expectations and most comments about it are very positive, but that does not mean that the game was released without any issues. There was a problem with the VRS functionality that caused shadowed regions to lose detail. The problem has been already addressed with a patch that mitigates that effect on PlayStation 5 consoles, and PC players can disable VRS now as a temporary solution to the problem. Therefore, Dead Space should now look much better now.



More fixes are on the way

EA Motive is committed to improving the release version of the game and fixing some other minor problems that are still left. The game will probably receive another patch to address those in the coming days. Fortunately, even with those issues Dead Space is one of the best games released this year. With spectacular graphics, an immersive horror story, and action to boot it's a worthy successor of the original game from Glen Schofield.

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