State of Play shares a 20-minute video for Final Fantasy XVI

State of Play shares a 20-minute video for Final Fantasy XVI

In a dedicated State of Play for Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix unveiled exciting new gameplay details for the latest standalone title in the franchise. The 20-minute video revealed further information on role-playing game elements, fleshed out some plot tidbits, and displayed the impressive Eikon battles players can look forward to when the game releases on June 22, 2023.

Developed as the first full-action RPG in the series, Final Fantasy XVI is set in an epic dark fantasy world where the fate of the land is decided by the mighty Eikons and the Dominants who wield them. In the game, we follow the journey of warrior Clive Rosfield, who has been sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua, the Dominant of the Phoenix. Despite Final Fantasy VII Remake boasting more action than any other type of gameplay, it wasn't considered a full-fledged action game.



The footage shared some information regarding Clive's base, called Hideway. It will function as a hub, offering players some relevant NPCs, such as Charon, the shopkeeper, and Blackthorne, the blacksmith. Players can also discover more about the world of Valisthea, from past to present, by speaking to historian Harpocrates, as well as view the characters' relationship chart by talking to military scholar Vivian.

By accessing the Arete Stone, players can battle in training mode. This feature will be helpful when wanting to practice a combination of abilities, particularly after learning a new skill. The arcade mode was also shown, where veterans can leash out all their proficiency and earn high scores to compete with other players worldwide. 

Taking a note from Final Fantasy XIV, Clive can search the Wanted Posters for menacing monsters roaming the world. Defeating these enemies will yield powerful rewards and some exciting challenges. The video also showed how the map will work, separated into large open zones but not being an open world.


Ifrit Final Fantasy XVI


The seamless transition from fast travel and the UI QoL shows all the points where Clive can acquire a sidequest or the next steps of one. As Naoki Yoshida previously reported, Final Fantasy XVI will average 35-40 hours of the main story but 80 hours of side content for completionists.

The battles against Eikons are a visual treat, each with a different mode. We have hand-to-hand combat, an aerial battle with bullet hell elements, and many other styles that will test players' reflexes. All of this is set to an epic soundtrack. In fact, the theme from Final Fantasy XVI, entitled Tsuki Wo Miteita - Moongazing, was composed by popular singer-songwriter Kenshi Yonezu.

We can't wait for the next installment of the crystal franchise to hit the shelves. June 22 is just around the corner. If you are also excited to visit Valisthea, check our comparator for the best deals on Final Fantasy XVI CD keys and help Clive gets his revenge.

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