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Dead By Daylight surprises the fans with a Dungeons & Dragons crossover

Dead By Daylight surprises the fans with a Dungeons & Dragons crossover

Behaviour Interactive has been bringing excitement and fear to an enormous fan base since 2016 with Death By Daylight. The survival horror game delivers an intense asymmetric multiplayer experience that pits a few survivors against a serial killer. Survivors have diverse abilities to try and distract the killer by activating a series of generators that open a door leading to safety. Meanwhile, the killer has unique powers to track and slaughter the survivors before they can escape. As you play the game, you can unlock additional perks for your preferred characters in a progression system that promotes that you always return for more.

Dead By Daylight has plenty of DLCs that add extra content to the game in the form of extra survivors and killers. Each of them revolves around a specific horror theme or film and adds a lot of extra flavour to the game and new gameplay mechanics. However, Behaviour Interactive is taking a slightly different direction with the game's next chapter. It will turn Dead By Daylight into something more similar to a fantasy experience by releasing a crossover with Dungeons & Dragons on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the franchise.

Evil incarnate

The legendary Vecna, master of the dark arts and the most iconic villain of Dungeons and Dragons will arrive next month to the game with the release of Dead by Daylight: Dungeons and Dragons. His unending search for power has driven him into the Fog to terrorize and massacre anyone who dares to stand in his way. Vecna can use his magic powers to fly across the map, summon spirits to damage his victims, and even conjure a spectral hand to do his bidding. He is the next killer in the game and is accompanied by new survivors and a new zone. 



Dead by Daylight: Dungeons and Dragons features two new survivors, the bards Aestri Yazr and Baermar Uraz. They may not be the best fighters in the town but they have a knack for getting out of risky situations. The upcoming content also includes a brand new map called Forgotten Ruins, which features a massive ruined tower sitting above an underground dungeon that will be a tomb for the survivors if they don't manage to escape in time. If the survivors are lucky enough, they may find some valuable items in several treasure chests that are scattered throughout the area.

The release of Dead By Daylight: Dungeons and Dragons is scheduled for June 3 and it will precede another epic crossover with Castlevania that will be announced on August 6, 2024. Of course, you will find the best deals to buy all of these with our comparator alongside the cheapest Dead By Daylight game codes.

  • Official website : Dead by Daylight Charity Case
  • Categories : Action
  • Editor : Behaviour Interactive
  • Developer : Behaviour Interactive
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : August 10, 2017
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