Dead by Daylight keeps adding Resident Evil characters to its roster

Dead by Daylight keeps adding Resident Evil characters to its roster

The addition of iconic characters from a variety of popular horror franchises is one of the keys to the success of Dead by Daylight. In fact, many players have their favorite Killer or Survivor and tend to stick to these when possible for their games. Behaviour Interactive has released plenty of DLC for the main game that introduced new killers, different scenarios, cosmetic elements, and more, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience according to their preferences. It's no surprise then that the latest horror franchise chosen for a crossover is Resident Evil

The iconic survival horror series from Capcom was the center of another crossover in the past, but the fans of Dead by Daylight were looking forward to discovering what characters would be added in the new Resident Evil: Project W expansion that was announced in May. Yesterday's video finally revealed what characters the new expansion would bring, even though it's not probably a surprise for the fans, as the contents of the new DLC were leaked earlier this week. In any case, the following video serves as the official confirmation.


Ada Wong and Rebecca chambers will join the ranks of the Survivors when the expansion arrives in September. Also, the new Killer is no other than the evil Albert Wesker, who will prove to be quite a challenging opponent due to the mutations caused by a virus. Each of the new characters has a variety of perks and skills, and we are sure that the fans of the Resident Evil series will soon take advantage of them.

Dead by Daylight has established itself as the game to go when looking for an intense asymmetric multiplayer experience. The game is available on several platforms, and it has grown a lot since it was released. You can find your Dead by Daylight code on our comparator anytime. 

A new experience

If you like Dead by Daylight, you should know that Behaviour Interactive has recently announced a new project, Meet your Maker, whose presentation video you can watch below. The game challenges players to build up outposts that they have to fill with traps and guards, and then test their mettle against other players' creations. It's coming next year.



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