Dead by Daylight is overhauling its progression system

Dead by Daylight is overhauling its progression system

Dead by Daylight is a favorite to those fans of horror looking for an exciting PvP experience. Four helpless survivors trapped with a bloodthirsty murderer that relentlessly hunts them down and kills them in the worst possible ways seems like the perfect scenario to test the skill of the genre's fans. The experience is much more addictive if the murderers are iconic characters like Leatherface or Freddy Krueger. 

Behaviour Interactive has managed to create a game with a stable fan base that offers an incredible survival experience. Still, there is one aspect of Dead by Daylight that has bothered the fans since the game was released: the progression. The grind required to level up a character and unlock all its perks is unbearably long for many players, even though the developer has tried to make it easier with minor changes in the past. 

Easier and faster

Behaviour has revealed that it's taking a more aggressive approach to this matter on the latest Dead by Daylight developer update. The new system will drastically reduce the playtime required to unlock a perk in the game.


"The teachable rarity is no more. Now, perks are tied directly to prestige. Prestiging a character for the first time will instantly unlock the Tier 1 versions of their unique perks for all other Killers or Survivors, making them immediately available for use without ever opening the Bloodweb. 
Prestiging a character for the second and third time will unlock the Tier 2 & 3 versions of their unique perks. Alternatively, higher tier versions of their perks will appear randomly in Bloodwebs once the first Tier has been unlocked."


With the new system, none of your progress will be removed when you get a new prestige level. Even more, you will get cosmetic items as a reward when you reach certain levels, giving you even more reasons to play the game and turning prestige levels into a new progression system that is more streamlined and efficient.

Also, you don't have to worry about your current progress because you will be awarded an appropriate number of prestige levels based on how many perk tiers you've unlocked when the new system is implemented.



Behaviour Interactive has detailed many other features that the studio intends to implement in the game to make it even more attractive to the fans. Still, the most significant one is the progression system overhaul. You can read them all in the official developer update and be ready for additional info via a livestream soon. 

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