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Dead by Daylight will be free next week on PC

Dead by Daylight will be free next week on PC

It's no secret that the survival horror game created by Behaviour Interactive has become a favorite of the fans. Dead by Daylight offers you a thrilling asymmetrical multiplayer experience that pits several players against a bloodthirsty assassin in an enclosed area. Survivors need to repair and activate a series of generators in order to power up the mechanism that opens the exit. The most exciting part about Dead by Daylight is that it features some of the most iconic killers from horror movies and video games, which contributes to the game's popularity. The base game includes a few of them, but there are plenty of DLCs available that add more, and you can find monsters like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and many others. 

Each of the killers has unique abilities and tools to hunt down the Survivors and murder them in the most creative ways. Killers and Survivors can unlock different perks as they gain Bloodpoints from their performance in every Dead By Daylight game. Each character can use four different perks on every game, which implies a certain degree of strategic thinking in order to maximize your chances of success. 


Where can I get Dead by Daylight for free?

This kind of experience is not for all players, but those that love survival horror have found their home in Dead by Daylight. The game will launch on Epic Games Store next week, and everyone will be able to grab it for free and keep it permanently. It will support cross-platform progression and gameplay, so you don't have to worry if your friends currently play the game on other platforms. Also, all the DLC released to date will also be available in EGS, so you will have access to your favorite killer if you don't mind spending some cash for it.

You can get Dead by Daylight for free on Epic Games Store from December 2 to December 9. If you miss this opportunity, the game is very cheap on our comparator too.

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