Dead by Daylight will receive new features in a free update

Dead by Daylight will receive new features in a free update

Horror games may be your cup of tea or not, but the genre is definitely quite popular and there are plenty of different approaches to it. Dead by Daylight offers you an asymmetric multiplayer experience in which one player will take the role of a ruthless killer that has to get rid of several survivors before they escape. As a Survivor, you have to do your best to activate several generators located through the scenario and open the door that will allow you to escape from the nightmarish place you are trapped in. It may sound very simple, but the oppressive atmosphere of the game contributes to creating quite a thrilling experience that many players love. 

Developer Behaviour Entertainment is committed to making Dead by Daylight even better, and they are about to release a new update for the game that is bringing several novelties. The upcoming gameplay update will include a new HUD design that will allow you to scale it if you want. It will also feature character portraits and a hook counter that will let you keep track of who has been sacrificed. Another welcome change that this update is bringing to Dead By Daylight comes in the form of brand new animations for the Survivors, whose movements will feel more realistic and fluid. The update will also bring other modifications to the game, including new graphics for the Gideon Meat Plant and the Crotus Prenn Asylum.



The announcement of the upcoming update also brings some news about matchmaking in Dead by Daylight. Rankings are coming back to Dead by Daylight in the near future, but they won't be used for matchmaking. Instead of that, you will receive a certain amount of Bloodpoints each month based on the highest rank you have reached. There will be two separate ranks for every player, one as Killer and one as a Survivor, and you will get rewards for both.

All those changes will be available for testing in the Player Test Build this week and should go live at a later date.

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