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Dead by Daylight is working on cross-progression but it may not cover all platforms

Dead by Daylight is working on cross-progression but it may not cover all platforms

The developers at Behaviour Interactive have been working on improving the features in their asymmetric survival horror game Dead by Daylight. They are putting an emphasis on cross-play between all the platforms in which the game is available, including PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Google Stadia, and it seems that they are making some progress on that matter, although not as much as they would like. In a recent blog post on the official Dead by Daylight website, the developers have revealed that cross-play between consoles and PC is almost ready, although they can not provide a specific date for its activation. They are still monitoring the numbers on each platform in order to prevent a negative impact on the game when the activation happens.



Also, regarding breaking the barriers between platforms and making the players' experience better, they want to introduce cross-progression, a feature that will make your account share the progression, inventory, and purchases across all platforms. It seems that it's going to be more complicated than they initially thought, and although cross-progression is planned to be available in September, it's not guaranteed that it will reach all platforms. Initially, it will be available for Steam, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch and players will require to create a Behaviour Account to link their progression and make use of this feature in Dead by Daylight.



Nothing has been said about any other kind of content coming forDead by Daylight and the successful implementation of cross-play seems to be taking all of the developers' efforts right now. It's true that the game has already received plenty of DLC since it was released. Those mainly contain new maps as well as killers and survivors to add to the list of characters available in the game. Dead by Daylight pits four survivors and a killer in an arena. Survivors have to escape alive by disabling some generators that will open the exit, and the killer has to stop them from doing that by all means, including the most gruesome ones.

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